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Attention Lakeland Catholic Schools:

This joint communication is intended to represent and share the new hiring incentives approved by the Lakeland Catholic Board of Education earlier this year. To support our schools, these hiring incentives were designed to attract top talent and further strengthen our organization.

Key highlights of these incentives include:

  • Hiring Incentive: Teachers new to LCSD may enter into an agreement to receive a $1,500.00 hiring incentive as a gesture of appreciation for joining our team.

  • Relocation Grant: LCSD recognizes that teachers hired from outside our communities will incur relocation costs. Teachers new to Lakeland Catholic may enter into an agreement to receive up to $3,000.00, depending on where they are relocating from, to assist with their moving expenses.

  • Bursary for Returning Grads: Alumni students returning to the Division to work as teachers are eligible for a one-time bursary of $2,500.00.

  • Subsidized Teacher Housing: Located in Cold Lake, AB, teachers new to the profession and to LCSD can access subsidized housing for the first two years of their employment.

Lakeland Catholic ATA Local 30 has expressed its full support for these hiring incentives, and Lakeland Catholic looks forward to our ongoing collaboration on this effort.

Should you have any questions about this information, please direct them to Lynné Vining, President of Lakeland Catholic ATA Local 30 or Chantel Axani, Deputy Superintendent of Lakeland Catholic Schools.