Light of Christ Catholic School offers a 5-day full time kindergarten in both English and French Immersion for children that are 5 years of age on or before December 31st of the year they are starting in the program.

We follow the Kindergarten curriculum as set out by Alberta Education in the following seven learning areas:

  • Early Literacy

  • Early Numeracy

  • Citizenship and Identity

  • Environment and Community Awareness

  • Personal and social responsibility

  • Physical Skills and Well-being

  • Creative Expression

Our 5-day program provides students with the time and opportunities to develop and increase their skills in preparation for Grade One. We focus on early-literacy skills and early-numeracy skills through an inquiry-based approach to learning. Research states that we learn best by doing. The teacher guides the learning by providing children with the opportunities to explore, create and discover in order for students to learn through their experiences. This is the foundation required for developing skills for problem-solving and critical thinking.

As we move into the digital age and information comes at us so quickly and easily, it is critical that we teach our children to look at the world through a critical lens and be able to problem solve in new, creative, and innovative ways.

Please call the school (780-623-3667) or email us for more information.