two students standing in front of school

LAKELAND - Stand up for others, even when it’s hard to do - that was the message two Light of Christ students wanted to make clear in their Mental Health Matters Poster Design Contest submissions.

And it was those impactful designs that landed Arianna Havenga and Shylit Rae Major-Cardinal the top spot in their age categories.

“I think it’s good to help others... Even just one person helping makes a difference,” Arianna said. 

Her design, which features the message “Stand Up for Others Always,” won top prize in the Kindergarten to Grade 6 age category. This year saw the most entries in this category with almost 80 submissions. 

Shylit Rae said her water colour design was inspired by the similar idea of standing up against bullying, even if you’re standing alone.  

“That can be hard to do,” she added. 

Her artistic abilities earned her first place in the Grade 6 to 12 category. 

These are lessons Arianna and Shylit Rae want to share with not just their school, but the rest of the Lakeland Catholic Schools and greater community. 

Each winner received a gift card and swag bag. Their posters will be displayed in all eight of Lakeland Catholic Schools. The contest is run by the division’s Mental Health Matters Campaign, which is sponsored by Imperial Cold Lake.